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Intimate Hygiene Wash & Wipes

It’s important to keep things fresh downstairs to prevent odour, irritation and discomfort.

Using harsh chemicals and products that aren’t suited to your delicate area can cause soreness and itching and can even lead to infection. To keep things clean, as well as comfortable, try using our mildly formulated washes and wipes that are created with sensitive areas in mind, to not upset the natural pH balance down there and to help eliminate odour, soothe soreness and prevent irritation.

Choose from a refreshing intimate wash which you can use in the shower daily, as well as balms to soothe aggravated areas or wipes which you can use on the go for long lasting freshness all day. All our cleansing products work to protect your body’s natural defences and contain gentle, natural ingredients that work in harmony with your body.

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