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Facial Hair Lightener

Do you have dark hair in prominent places which you wish to get rid of? There are many hair removal techniques out there which can help to get rid of this for you, however with many of these techniques there is the cost of upkeep, pain and the risk of cuts from razors and ingrown hairs when the hair regenerates. To get around this and to get rid of dark hairs, facial hair lightener or facial hair bleaching is a pain free, fast, effect method for making hairs less visible.

Facial hair bleaching creams are gentle formulas that can easily be used on your eyebrows or as moustache bleach to hide unwanted dark hairs. However, these creams are not just for the face but can also be used on other areas of the body from the underarms to the bikini line too.

And don’t worry about these bleaches being harsh on sensitive skin, as many of the hair lighteners in our range include hydrating plant extracts like aloe vera to keep skin feeling soft and to prevent it from being dried out.

For a longer lasting hair removal technique, removing hairs at the roots and suitable for all areas of the face and body, try waxing. Sure, it may be a little higher on the pain scale, but for long lasting smoothness and less time spent bleaching, it is a popular technique for home or the salon.

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£2.92 each was £4.39 £9.73 per 100ml