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On the quest for better looking skin with procedures you can do from home, without the hefty price tag? Dermaplaning or microplaning is the latest skincare trend that all the celebs are shouting about, that comes with a multitude of benefits which you can easily perform yourself, as the procedure is non-invasive with no recovery period required.

The concept of dermaplaning is similar to that of shaving, using a fine derma razor at a 45-degree angle with feather-light strokes, to exfoliate your skin. Dermablades work to gently remove the upper most layer of skin, removing with it unwanted peach fuzz which can trap dirt and oil, as well as removing dirt that may be blocking pores to reveal smoother, brighter, more radiant skin. With removing your top layer of skin, dermaplaning also works to remove scaring and fine wrinkles, for a more flawless look. Also use these nifty derma tools for trimming and shaping your eyebrows, as eyebrow razors, to keep your brows on fleek.

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