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All skin types need a good moisturiser. However, if you struggle with dry, dehydrated skin it’s super important to use the right moisturiser. Face creams and lotions come in various formulations – some are far better for dry skin than others! Find out from our team of skincare experts what makes a moisturiser deeply hydrating to help heal and protect your skin barrier. Say goodbye to your dry skin woes!



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Meet The Experts

We asked Alicia Lartey and Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe for their top skin tips and tricks, head to do. Check out their most-wanted hacks:

  • Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe

    Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe
    Medical and cosmetics doctor, and Superdrug Skincare Ambassador

    Having graduated from medical school, Dr Ewoma is an authority on skincare, with her expert advice focusing on solutions for specific skin concerns and a focus on ingredient benefits. With her accessible take on expert led beauty, Dr Ewoma is social media’s favourite skincare voice.

  • Alicia Lartley

    Alicia Lartley
    Scientist, Aesthetician and skincare expert

    With the internet crowning her the queen of bodycare, Alicia is the go-to expert for all things head-to-toe skincare. A biomedical scientist and aesthetician, Alicia is known for her straight-forward, science-led skincare advice.

  • Emma Monaghan

    Emma Monaghan
    Superdrug Buying Team

    As a self-confessed skincare lover, Emma is the brains behind some of Superdrug’s most loved own-brand skincare ranges. With an eye for ingredients and a passion for new innovations, Emma is the authority on all things skin on the buying team at Superdrug.

  • Shona Bear

    Shona Bear
    Superdrug Product Development Team

    With 34 years of experience in product development, Shona is Superdrug’s expert on formulations and ingredients. From the ideas stage to seeing the product on shelf, Shona ensures that all of Superdrug’s skincare range delivers the very best results at every step of the journey.

Alicia Lartey & Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe's Top Picks