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Superdrug Skin School

Superdrug Skin School

Superdrug Skin SchoolWelcome to the Superdrug Skin School – the place to be for advice and tips, directly from the experts.

Whether you’re a skincare buff or just starting out, we’ll bring you everything you need to know from the world of skin.

With 73% of people only understanding ingredients on their skincare products some of the time and 98% of people agreeing that they would like brands to make it easier to choose skincare products, our Skin School will dispel skin myths and unravel the best skincare routine for you.

Explore our Skin School for the latest news on trending ingredients and the hottest innovations. We’ll be revealing top tips and hacks from a host of skincare experts, for real world advice on how to build a fun, effective skincare routine at-home. With the juiciest behind the scenes exclusives from the Superdrug team, you’ll also get to see all of the steps in your skincare, from product development to launch!

Check out our Skin School, and learn your Skincare A, B, C’s with us.

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Meet The Experts

We asked Alicia Lartey and Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe for their top skin tips and tricks, head to do. Check out their most-wanted hacks:

  • Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe

    Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe
    Medical and cosmetics doctor, and Superdrug Skincare Ambassador

    Having graduated from medical school, Dr Ewoma is an authority on skincare, with her expert advice focusing on solutions for specific skin concerns and a focus on ingredient benefits. With her accessible take on expert led beauty, Dr Ewoma is social media’s favourite skincare voice.

  • Alicia Lartley

    Alicia Lartley
    Scientist, Aesthetician and skincare expert

    With the internet crowning her the queen of bodycare, Alicia is the go-to expert for all things head-to-toe skincare. A biomedical scientist and aesthetician, Alicia is known for her straight-forward, science-led skincare advice.

  • Emma Monaghan

    Emma Monaghan
    Superdrug Buying Team

    As a self-confessed skincare lover, Emma is the brains behind some of Superdrug’s most loved own-brand skincare ranges. With an eye for ingredients and a passion for new innovations, Emma is the authority on all things skin on the buying team at Superdrug.

  • Shona Bear

    Shona Bear
    Superdrug Product Development Team

    With 34 years of experience in product development, Shona is Superdrug’s expert on formulations and ingredients. From the ideas stage to seeing the product on shelf, Shona ensures that all of Superdrug’s skincare range delivers the very best results at every step of the journey.

Alicia Lartley Top Picks

Spotlight On

Skinceptance Campaign

Spotlight On

Last December, we launched our new ‘Pharmacy Skin Advice and Treatment Service’, becoming the first UK high street retailer to train pharmacists to provide support, advice and treatment for a range of conditions. The new service will help broaden the level of skincare advice and treatment that can be provided on the high street. As part of this service, pharmacists will offer free walk in consultations and are now able to supply certain prescription only medication for mid to moderate acne and eczema flare ups (if clinically appropriate).

With more than one in two people (54%) having previously seen a doctor about a visible skin condition, but now less likely to do so due to appointment shortages, Superdrug’s new pharmacy-led service will make it far more accessible for people to receive expert skin condition advice and treatment recommendations. New research from Superdrug also revealed the hidden impact of skin concerns, with findings showing that 66% feel self-conscious about their skin condition, while a further 24% have even stopped socialising due to the impact on their confidence.

  • Blemish prone cleanser

    Superdrug me+ Salicylic Acid & Ceramides Cleanser 200ml

    Salicylic Acid is the go-to ingredient for breakouts, helping remove oils and clear clogged pores. A cleanser rich in the ingredient is the ideal skincare started for blemish prone skin.

  • Eczema essential

    Superdrug Eczema Intensive Cream 50ml

    An ideal product for eczema prone skin, this essential cream helps to reduce itching

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Ask our influence fans

  • Where do you look for skincare inspo? 46% of you agree that influencers are top of your list for checking out the latest product recommendations, with 77% scrolling on Instagram, and 39% also checking out skinspo on TikTok.

    We’ve asked our top influencer friends for their skincare must-haves: @_lydslife – wellness influencer and Skinceptance campaign member

    “I was so excited to partner with Superdrug on their skinceptance campaign. I’ve always loved shopping at Superdrug and I couldn’t believe I was selected!

    I am so impressed by their commitment to showcasing real skin and helping people realise that their skin is normal, beautiful and loved.

    It was the first time I felt truly welcomed and accepted for having a skin condition.

    My favourite Superdrug product is definitely their B. Skincare Cleansing Balm - it’s the best!”

  • Ask our influence fans

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  • For all you skincare lovers, our Customer Community is a place where likeminded health & beauty enthusiasts can get together to chat all things skin, hair and make-up!

    Whether you want to discover the hottest new skincare launches, formulation advice or product recommendations, our community of customers and coaches is the place to be!

    Simply click through to visit the community and unlock a whole new world of beauty recommendations.

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