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Sun Protection Oils

So, you want to use a tanning oil as you think it will help you to tan quicker, but do you actually know what a tanning oil does and how it works? Tanning oils work by attracting and concentrating the suns UV rays on the skin, resulting in a deeper tan from intensified rays. So, using these tanning oils may sound like a great idea if you want to tan deeper and faster, however they do also come with their warnings.

As these oils concentrate the UV rays on your skin, this also causes the sun’s harmful rays to become more concentrated too, which can result in higher levels of skin damage whilst using these products. For that reason, we recommend using a tanning oil that contains a high level of SPF, to ensure you enjoy the sun safely, whilst still getting a gorgeous tan. Many of our tanning oils not only contain ingredients and oils that will help to accelerate your tan like melanin boosting ingredients, but they also contain many natural, skin nourishing oils too which help to protect and soften your skin, which will help to prolong your tan, giving you beautifully brown skin for longer.

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