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Teen skin is at the heart of all our spotcare products. Excess oil caused by changes in teen hormones can lead to spots. Our range includes daily skincare products with Niacinamide, a water-soluble vitamin that’s a natural component of healthy skin.

Freederm helps reduce excess oil and maintain healthy, clear skin. We also have a medicinal gel to treat mild to moderate acne.

The first step to an effective skincare routine is to cleanse your skin of any impurities. Use Freederm Exfoliating Daily wash and Freederm Sensitive Clearing wash to help reduce oil, remove pore-clogging impurities to prevent breakouts.
Freederm Clearing Moisturiser and Freederm Overnight Skin repair provide long lasting hydration that works with the skin to visibly reduce spots and imperfections.
Freederm Fast Track gel visibly reduces the appearance of individual spots in just 3 hours.

For mild to moderate acne, use Freederm Gel, the only anti-inflammatory treatment containing the active ingredient nicotinamide. Freederm Gel treats inflamed red acne spots.

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