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  • Sore Throat?

    Ask our Pharmacist for your free test in-store today.

nurseEach year, around 1.2 million people visit their GP with a sore throat, with many requesting antibiotics. Did you know that 9 out of 10 sore throats are because of a virus and cannot be treated by antibiotics, but with over the counter products from your pharmacy?

Antibiotics are key in fighting bacterial infections. These infections can be serious. In order for them to maintain their efficacy it is important that you only take antibiotics when you need them and have been instructed to by your Doctor.

Your Superdrug Pharmacist can help you to manage your sore throat symptoms, so, this winter, if you have a sore throat, speak to your local Superdrug Pharmacist first.

200 Superdrug stores nationwide will now be able to provide a short 10-minute sore throat consultation service. If necessary, this may include access to a swab test which could identify whether your sore throat is bacterial or viral and whether antibiotics maybe required. If your sore throat can’t be treated by antibiotics, the Pharmacist will be able to provide advice on the most effective ways to manage your symptoms.

You can find your nearest participating Superdrug Pharmacy using Superdrug’s online store locator tool, giving you access to a healthcare professional quickly. Find your closest Superdrug Pharmacist here and come in for your free sore throat consultation – Subject to availability.

The short 10-minute sore throat consultation will involve the following stages:

  • Once you have informed the Pharmacist that you have a sore throat and feel unwell, they will complete an initial assessment to see if you have signs of a viral infection
  • They will then take you through a questionnaire relating to your symptoms and will look at the back of your throat for any signs of inflammation or obvious white marks
  • If they suspect that you may have a bacterial infection and require antibiotics, they will then complete a simple and pain free swab test on the back of the throat
  • After 5 minutes, the swab test will reveal whether you are suffering with a viral or bacterial infection. Please note: not all bacterial strains can be identified
  • If the swab test results indicate a bacterial infection you may require antibiotics. Your pharmacist may be able to provide you with antibiotics for the equivalent price of a prescription (£9), if you meet the criteria, to help with the treatment of your sore throat
  • If the swab test result is negative and you don’t require antibiotics, the Pharmacist will recommend alternative treatment options to help alleviate some of the symptoms being experienced
  • The Pharmacist will stress that if the sore throat gets worse or symptoms don’t alleviate after 3 days then you should see your GP

* subject to the availability of a Pharmacist

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