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Olive Oil For Hair

For smoother, well moisturised, and healthy-looking locks turn your attention to olive oil for hair. Olive oil has been used for centuries to boost dry, damaged hair and irritated scalps and now there is an abundance of olive oil infused products ready and waiting for us to give our hair some well needed TLC.

Olive oil for hair on its own has incredible benefits, applying just a small amount of warm olive oil to your roots and strands each day will up its moisture levels, leaving you with super shiny and lustrous hair. If you have thicker or naturally curly hair, you may already use pure olive oil to treat your tresses; however, for finer and thinner hair using pure oil may feel too heavy or greasy. No matter your hair type, you can reap all the benefits of this age-old beauty ingredient by checking out olive oil for hair infused products from brands including Palmer, ORS, and Eco Edge. At Superdrug, you’ll discover shampoo and conditioner that combines olive oil with other hair loving ingredients, such as vitamin E and amino acids, as well as olive oil styling products too. With so many benefits, olive oil can help with a wide range of hair care problems. Do you have an irritated scalp or suffer from dandruff? The high moisture level in olive oil makes it perfect for tackling these issues.
Is your hair frizzy or unruly? With olive oil hair care you can start your fight against frizz thanks to the oils smoothing and softening properties.
Lastly, if you have thicker or dry hair, which is harder to care for, olive oil will finally give it the body, strength, and shine that you’ve been after!
Can you tell we’re a little in love with using olive oil hair care products? Whether you’re treating your locks a few times a week with a deep conditioning treatment or styling it each day with hydrating gel, there’s no denying olive oil has a place in everyone’s hair care routine!

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