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Non-comedogenic makeup is makeup that is formulated in a way that makes it less likely to clog your pores and cause spots. So you could say that non-comedogenic skincare and makeup is a acne prone skin sufferers dream. This is especially great news to oily skin types, as we cover our faces in foundation and creams on the daily, making pores prone to becoming blocked and blemished with a build-up of products. Non-comedogenic foundation is the first item that comes to our minds when we think of spot fighting makeup. Foundation is the base to all our makeup looks and is applied all over our face and neck, however we want makeup that will work in harmony with our skin and help us to glow, not breakout. Combine these non-pore clogging foundations with non-comedogenic concealer and face powders to set your base in place, without these settling into your pores.

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Vichy Dermablend Colour Corrector Apricot 4.5g
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