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Moisturisers for Dry Skin

If you suffer with de-hydrated skin, you’ll want a moisturiser for dry skin which hydrates to eliminate rough, dry patches, but also penetrates deep down to achieve skin deep moisture, as well as to help fight the signs of ageing without a formula that feels thick, heavy or greasy. Introducing our face creams for dry skin.

But what makes these creams so good at moisturising dry skin? Containing intensely moisturising ingredients these creams work to plump and moisturize your dry skin to soften the harshest of dry patches and smooth away any bumps for soft, smooth, supple skin. But with all this intense moisturization, you could easily be mistaken that these dry skin creams will feel sticky, or the hydration will be short lived. Containing key ingredient such as hyaluronic acid though, these creams attract moisture to your skin giving you a rich hydration experience with a non-greasy formula.
Once you have fallen for our face moisturizers for dry skin which will satiate the most parched of skin types, we understand that dry skin is not just exclusive to the face, and you may have found your dream facial hydrating cream, however you may also be after a body lotion for dry skin. Suitable for use all over, these creams help to relieve dryness and itching so every inch of your skin can be nourished, including the most dehydrated of skins.

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