Maybelline New York

Makeup Not Make Waste

At Maybelline, we’re bringing in a BIG change. Bring your finished foundations, unloved liners and past-it palettes to our in-store recycling stations. We can’t bring about change without you.

Why we do it

  • Maybelline recycle your makeup
  • An estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans every year, and with 146 million make-up products being produced every year, make-up is playing catch up. Like you, we’ve had our fill of landfill. But Maybelline's ready to go greener, one old lipstick at a time! How? We’re getting our house – and your make-up bag – in order. Maybelline’s role is to make the break with empty make-up easy, and looking after the planet even easier


  • Maybelline recycle your makeup

    Our products are developed in New York but produced in Europe to help our carbon footprint.

  • Maybelline recycle your makeup

    All of our European factories producing your favourite Maybelline products are CO2 neutral.

  • Maybelline recycle your makeup

    By recycling the makeup stands from in store we've diverted 93 tonnes of virgin plastic from landfill since 2016.