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Black Nail Polish

Come over to the dark side, with black nail colours that aren’t just for the goths or Halloween but make high-impact statements for the risk takers of you out there. If you want to make an impression, black nail polish is the one for you. With matte and high gloss finishes, whatever you prefer, with these pitch-black shades you’re sure to catch people’s eyes. If you’re a magpie though and like all things that glitter, add a touch of sparkle to your nails, making them shine like the midnight sky, with black glitter nail polish, which has a touch of shimmer making your nails party ready.

It’s been said the darker the shade you go, the more obvious it is when your nail polish starts to chip which is a risk you take with black nails. Worry not though, as we have long-lasting gel formulas which are chip-resistant, so you can rest assured that your bold, black mani won’t black out on you. If you do find your nails are prone to chipping though, give your polish a helping hand by prepping your nails before application so your polish lasts. Simply clean your nails and ensure old polish is removed. Then use a base coat before applying your black nail varnish and a topcoat after for a professional finish.

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