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Green Eyeshadow

Create eye catching eyeshadow with green eyeshadow which will make everyone green with envy, wishing they had such amazingly coloured eyes. From khaki green to neon green, forest green to lime green, you can create a range green eye makeup looks in this versatile colour. And what more appropriate to paint your eyes the colour green which is the one colour your eyes can see more shades of than any other colour!

Suitable for any eye colour, green eyeshadow can be worn at any time of the year with a plethora of shades which you can switch up depending on the season however it’s most commonly suitable for autumn with its earthy natural tones.

To create your greened eyed look, and not to be mistaken for a green-eyed monster, use our selection of green eyeshadow palettes and pigments for evergreen eyes. To complete this green look finish with green eyeliner.

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