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Eyelash Tinting

There’s no denying it, mascara is amazing when it comes to defining your lashes, but if you’re looking for a long lasting solution that gives your peepers a wide open, dazzling effect, then eyelash tinting is definitely for you. You used to have to visit a beauty salon to enjoy the wonders of an eyelash tint, but now (with much thanks from our bank balance) you can conduct your own eye lash tint with an at-home kit available from Superdrug. They come with everything you need to turn light, shorter lashes into ones you won’t want to stop fluttering! The kits are straight forward to use, require no mixing and it can be applied in the comfort of your own home.

So how does it work? First things first, always read the instructions carefully! Then, after shielding your eyes, you’re going to apply a dye and then a developer to your eyelashes (carefully), leave it a few moments to do its thing before wiping away the dye to reveal darker, glossier, and more voluminous lashes!

Now, you’re probably wondering… how long does an eyelash tint last? Is it really worth it? The answer is yes, it’s absolutely worth it as an eyelash tint can last up to 6-weeks or the time it takes for your eyelashes to naturally fall out. That’s lots of weeks of enjoying well-defined and darker-looking lashes. Should you take the plunge with an at-home eyelash tint? Yes, absolutely! There are lots of benefits including turning lighter lashes into darker, envious ones; you won’t have to spend time applying mascara in the morning or scrubbing it off at night; and tinted eyelashes look fabulous! If any of these benefits tick your boxes, then an eyelash tinting kit should go straight to the top of your Superdrug wish list!

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