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Gaviscon Double Action

Gaviscon is the number 1 heartburn and indigestion brand in the UK!*. With its fast-acting dual action relief, it can help to alleviate against one of the most common digestive conditions in the UK.

Gaviscon Double Action can work in seconds and has dual relief with its unique formulation. Working in two ways, it first forms a protective layer at the top of your stomach which stops stomach acid escaping up your food pipe. Secondly the formula contains an antacid which helps to neutralise the stomach acid, reducing pain and discomfort which comes with excess acid, both helping to soothe that burning pain in your chest and throat. Gaviscon double action works to quickly subside heartburn symptoms, but to manage your condition it advised you eat smaller more frequent meals, and lose weight if you are overweight. Available as Gaviscon Double Action Tablets, liquid, sachets, and chewable tablets!
* Nielsen - Heartburn & Indigestion Remedies - Value Sales - MAT 21.03.2020