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Care+ Surgical Spirit 200ml

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Care+ Surgical Spirit 200ml
Care+ Surgical Spirit 200ml
Care+ Surgical Spirit 200ml
Prevents bed sores & hardens skin

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Product Information

Prevents bed sores & hardens skin


Surgical Spirit is used to prevent bed sores and harden the skin of the feet. Also contains castor oil to prevent dryness and cracking.

Warning or Restrictions

Do not use the medicine if you have:
An allergy to any of the ingredients listed.
Pregnant or breastfeeding
Ask you doctor or pharmacist to advice before using this medicine if you are pregnant, might be pregnant or are breastfeeding.

Caution: this medicine is flammable, keep away from naked flames.

For external use only
If you accidentally swallow some go to hospital immediately, even if you feel well. Show this container.

Possible side effects
There are no known side effects from using this medicine as directed.
Accidental swallowing may cause serious side effects which may not be obvious straight away. If you notice any side effects, stop use and tell your doctor or pharmacist.

Flammable: keep away from naked flames.

Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

Product Specification

Active ingredients: Castor Oil 2.5% v/v, Methyl Salicylate 0.5% v/v. Also contains: Industrial Methylated Spirit 95% v/v, Diethyl Phthalate

Height (14)

Width (5.8)

Depth (5.8)

Product code: 642132

Product Uses

Apply to the skin. Do not use on broken skin. Adults, the elderly and children:
Apply to the affected area using cotton wool as required.