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Meal Replacement Shakes

Looking for a quick, convenient way to lose weight? Meal replacement shakes or weight loss shakes come in many different flavours so you'll find it hard to find one you won't like.

A shake is a thick and creamy drink which tastes delicious and easily fills the hole in your stomach, making them great for helping you to feel full and as a meal replacement. Diet meal replacement shakes are a healthier alternative to a regular shake as they have been created to taste just like a normal shake but with controlled calories per portion, making them a suitable low-calorie meal replacement option which still tastes delicious and doesn’t leave you feeling hungry.

Weight loss shakes come in all different flavours and can be created using milk for a creamier consistency and taste or with water for additional calories curbing.

Are meal replacement shakes good for weight loss?
Diet shakes may well help with weight loss as part of a calorie-controlled diet. These meal replacement shakes can help to reduce hunger, and reduce the number of calories consumed each day, which can in turn be part of a successful weight-loss routine.

Can I only drink meal replacement shake?
Meal replacement shakes for weight loss are a great meal replacement for when on the go in busy day-to-day life. They help to make you feel full as well as help you to meet your daily nutrient content on a calorie-controlled diet. However, is it still important to maintain a healthy diet with regular exercise, which is why it is recommended that you only replace a maximum of 2 meals per day with these substitutes and continue to include one balanced meal as part of your diet.

To kick start your diet, pick up a slimming shake online or instore. Choose from milkshake powders which are mixed with liquid or a ready to drink shake which doesn’t require any prep or effort, just drink.

Slimfast shakes are where the shake diet began but try out our other meal replacement shake brands for a tasty meal alternative. And there’s plenty of flavours too, so you don’t need to worry about diet fatigue or not being able to find a flavour you like. Taste some of the classic and innovative flavours such as chocolate, strawberry and vanilla as well as caramel and banana. Delicious! If meal replacement shakes aren’t for you and you want a more solid meal replacement, try out our meal replacement bars.

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