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Vegan Protein Powder and Bars

Going vegan, it can be hard to incorporate protein into your diet once you have removed protein rich animal food sources like meat, fish, dairy and eggs. Couple that with wanting gym gains too, you need to start getting savvy as to how you can include additional protein in your diet for muscle gain or weight loss.

You can find vegan plant-based protein from many sources such as nuts, seeds, grains and pulses, tofu, and oats. If you’re sick of these foods though and want a tasty way of getting vegan protein into your diet, or you just want another way of upping your protein intake which is good for you and the environment, vegan protein bars and powders are the one.

Coming in tasty flavours of bars and vegan protein shakes, plant based doesn’t have to mean boring, or basic. Our vegan protein powders include just as much protein as our regular protein powders and taste delicious too. Even if you don’t live the vegan lifestyle vegan protein can still be a healthy alternative to ordinary protein food sources, helping you to feel fuller for longer, which can help you to lose weight and cut down on snacking or you can incorporate with a gym training regime to help you gain muscle.

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