Healthy Meals

The key to maintaining a healthy weight is all about your calorie intake versus the number of calories you burn. When your intake of calories surpasses the recommended daily guideline and you have a calorie surplus, this can result in weight gain. And ...

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SlimFast Golden Syrup Porridge 203g
£4.00 each was £5.55 £1.97 per 100g

Eat Water Slim Noodles Organic Keto Zero Carbs
£2.59 each 86.33p per 100g

Eat Water Slim Pasta Penne Organic Keto Zero Carbs
£2.59 each 86.33p per 100g

Slimfast Meal Replacement Mixed Pack x 12 bars
£16.50 each was £24.29

Naturya Banana & Coconut Keto Breakfast Porridge 300G
£6.00 each £2.00 per 100g

Naturya Mixed Berry Keto Breakfast Porridge 300G
£6.00 each £2.00 per 100g