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Echinacea Tablets

For the keen gardeners out there, you may know echinacea as a pretty pink flower. Although this plant isn’t just there for sitting pretty and actually has some health properties too.

What are echinacea tablets for?
Echinacea and echinacea tablets have been proven to help improve the body’s immune defence and to increase its chances of fighting germs. Echinacea does this as it causes the body to create more white blood cells which fight infection. This is why you will often find these supplements down by the cold and flu medicine as the help to ward off the common cold.
Not only for cold and flu and the winter months though, echinacea has been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties. With this echinacea tablets can be taken to help with faster wound healing as well as helping with joint care and the inflammation that comes with poor joint health.
As well as being able to lower inflammation, echinacea tablets are also thought to be a natural anti-bacterial which can help combat skin concerns and repair damaged cells as well as thought to be beneficial for mental health with Echinacea being rich in several chemical compounds, including caffeic acid and rosmarinic acid, which have been linked to tackling feelings of anxiety.

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