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When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, you want haircare products that are going to deeply cleanse your hair, washing away product residue, leaving your hair feeling soft and silky. The sign of a good shampoo that washes away this dirt is from a good lathering formula, however, shampoos that produce a good lather tend to contain sulfates

which can be really good at cleansing and make shampoos more effective, however they’re also really good at drying your hair out, stripping away naturally occurring oils. To combat this and to retain moisture in your locks, without compromising on the cleaning power of your hair care, it’s time to add a sulphate free shampoo to your bathroom shelf. Also known as SLS free shampoo, they are formulated without foaming agents, stripping away fewer natural oils from your hair, meaning shampoo without sulphate is super-kind to your tresses. It’s for this reason that sulphate free anti-dandruff shampoo is a popular choice as the sulphate containing products used on your main not only dry your hair out but your scalp too, leading to dry, flaky skin, so an anti-dandruff shampoo can work wonders for your scalp. We would also suggest that if you suffer from psoriasis or eczema that you reframe from using sulphate containing shampoos as well as people who have frizzy hair which is already dry and lacking moisture, whether that is naturally or due to bleaching or dying. For people that do suffer with psoriasis of the scalp, try specially formulated shampoos. Sulphate free haircare, is normally associated with shampoos as it is the cleansers within shampoos which strip the hair of oils and hydration, however you can incorporate other sulphate free products into your haircare routine to help regain your shine, with sulphate free hair masks, conditioners and creams.

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