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Psoriasis Shampoo

Scalp problems of any nature are highly annoying, but scalp psoriasis — a common condition characterized by thick, red scaly patches of skin - is arguably the most painful and inconvenient of them all. If you suffer from scalp psoriasis you will be all too familiar with these symptoms, and will have tried every anti-dandruff shampoo out there, however medicated psoriasis shampoo is the best treatment for alleviating psoriasis symptoms without having to have a prescription.

How does a scalp psoriasis shampoo work? Psoriasis shampoo works to relieve itchy, dandruff scalp caused by psoriasis and works to moisturise your skin. Shampoo for psoriasis works to do this as many varieties contain Coal Tar, Salicylic acid, or Steroids. Coal tar psoriasis shampoo as well as salicylic acid shampoo are both available without prescriptions and are sufficient at treating mild symptoms of your scalp psoriasis, making them the most common psoriasis treatment. Coal tar is a thick, dark liquid which is known to have anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties, making it a good treatment for psoriasis, whereas salicylic acid alleviates your dry scalp leaving it feeling quenched and lifting your scalp sores. Psoriasis shampoos containing salicylic acid usually also contain coal tar and coconut oil. How to use psoriasis shampoo? Psoriasis shampoos, unlike regular shampoos are not actually designed to clean your hair and should not be used like normal shampoos. You will still need to use a regular shampoo to wash your hair after you have finished the treatment. When applying shampoo for scalp psoriasis, do not exceed the recommended amount, and make sure that you massage it well into your hair, making sure it encounters your scalp. Some psoriasis shampoos must be left on for 10-15 minutes, while others should be rubbed in and rinsed out twice. Do not leave psoriasis shampoo in hair longer than recommended as this can damage your skin further.

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