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Our hair goes through a lot more than we give it credit for – styling, washing, dry shampooing, the works – but in order to wash, as well as skip hair wash days, keep our hair styling efforts in place as well as to protect our tresses from heat damage, we use products, and lots of them!

Now, you may wash your hair regularly, making sure to properly lather it up, and think you’re getting rid of all these products in the process, however everyday shampoos aren’t always tough enough to wash away all of these products, resulting in a build-up of residue, and with a build-up of all this product residue brings greasy hair. Cue clarifying shampoos which tackle this, for fresh, light-weight locks. What is a clarifying shampoo? Clarifying shampoos are purifying shampoos are products which work to cut through product build-up and grease in your hair, to purify and detox hair, revealing soft, cleansed hair. However, these deep cleansing shampoos are powerful suckers and so we suggest using these sparingly as to not strip too much oil from your hair. Because they’re so good at cutting through dirt, we recommend only using these detoxing shampoos once every 1-2 weeks to allow enough product to build up, as well as to prevent drying out your hair, and worse, cause your hair to over produce oil to replace what you have stripped out, giving you greasy hair! Pick up your clarifying shampoo here.

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