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Hair Thickening Products

Do you daydream about having hair that is beautifully bouncy and full of volume? If you have flat, fine hair you will know what we’re talking about! Luckily, for those of you who were not blessed with locks straight out of a hair care ad, you can turn to hair volume products!

Hair volume products do exactly what they say on the tin, and can we please get a ‘hell yeah’ for the fact voluminous and life giving products come in everything from hair thickening shampoo and conditioners to styling products like volumizing mousse?! At Superdrug, we offer a vast array of hair volume products from best loved brands who really understand hair such as Toni & Guy, John Freda, Wella, V05 and Bastiste. To take your flat hair to volumizing new heights, kick-start your journey to salon-worthy hair with a lightweight volumizing shampoo that contains volumising properties, like wheat protein. Next up, treat your tresses to non-greasy conditioner to build fullness, while leaving you with naturally soft silky hair. Regular use of thickening or volumizing shampoo and conditioner should give your hair the desired oomph it’s craving, but you can go one step further with styling products. While your hair is still wet, take a pump of volumizing mousse and apply it from roots to ends to turn your everyday dry hair into a beautiful bouncy blow out that wouldn’t look out of place on the red carpet! If you want to add fullness in your roots, try out a texturizing spray, and to ensure your hair stays voluminous from morning until night, stock up on styling sprays right here at Superdrug. So, next time someone asks you what is the best volumizing hair product? You can direct them straight to our volumizing, thickening and hair transforming collection of hair care products!

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