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Gel For Curly Hair

Curly hair often has a mind of its own. One day you could wake up with the bounciest of curls and gorgeous waves and the next they do as they please… if you know, you know! If this sounds all too familiar, then you’re in need of gel for curly hair for your everyday hair care routine. 

Long gone the days where scrunching gel into your curls left you with crunchy, unhealthy hair (the early 2000s called, they want their hair gel back!). Natural hair gel of today is packed with nourishing ingredients, that leave your hair bouncy, defined and looking its absolute best! At Superdrug, you’ll discover a beautifying range of hair loving gels from some of the most popular hair care brands around, including Cantu, As I AM, and Eco Styler all ready and waiting to help you create natural looking curls. The best gel for curly hair is one which contains beneficial ingredients, so luckily for you - our range is packed full of them!

Look out for ingredients such as olive oil to boost your hair’s moisture levels, Moroccan argan oil for unbelievable shine and black castor oil to soothe your scalp and repair damaged strands and split ends. Now you know what to look for in a curly hair gel, here’s our favourite way to use gel in fresh washed hair.

Ensure your locks have been towel dried (try gently scrunching your hair in a soft towel to remove as much water as possible) and then put a pound coin sized amount of gel in your hands, rub your palms together and apply to the ends of your hair, lightly scrunching into your curls. Then, wait for your hair to dry naturally or use a diffuser on a low setting. Once dry, you’ll find your curls are a little crispy (hello again early noughties!) To reveal naturally soft and defined curls, gently scrunch them again to release them from their crispy coating! A quick session with the diffuser again should leave you with irresistible soft curls, thanks to your curly hair gel!

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