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Hair Loss Shampoo

Hair loss and hair thinning is something we only imagine having to worry about in the later years of our lives. But it’s not just old age which can be a cause of hair loss. Hair loss can happen to anyone at any age and can be bought on by a number of factors,

included but not limited to stress, hormones, and gender. But no matter what reason you are suffering from hair loss, hair loss treatments such as hair loss shampoos, serums and conditioners help to stimulate hair follicles and energise them to result in fuller, stronger and longer hair. How does hair loss shampoo work? Hair loss shampoo promotes hair regrowth by stimulating hair follicles to encourage roots to produce hair as well as working to strengthen and thicken existing hair strands to create a fuller look and feel, whilst cleaning your hair at the same time. Hair loss shampoos are most effective in reducing hair loss and promoting healthy re-growth for people who suffer with scalp conditions such as scalp psoriasis or dandruff. Use as a hair loss shampoo for women or men, however there is no evidence to support that these products help to reduce male pattern baldness.