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Aeyla The Kids Weighted Blanket Grey 3KG Standard



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Our weighted blanket for kids can help build a successful bedtime routine, for relaxing nights and happier days.

Product Information

Our weighted blanket for kids can help build a successful bedtime routine, for relaxing nights and happier days.


This Kids Weighted Blanket comes with a cover made from super-soft, tactile fleece.

The inner blanket
- Weighted with SGS certified, anti-rustle weighted glass pellets, so it moulds to little ones comfortably.
- The 100% cotton shell is ultra breathable, allowing for cooling airflow to maintain a just-right temperature.

The removable cover
- A super soft fleecy cover made from recycled polyester.
All of our products are Oeko-Tex certified, to ensure they are free from any harmful chemicals or toxins.

Warning or Restrictions

While we'd love everyone to be able to benefit from a weighted blanket, they're not always suitable. Please check the below before purchasing one:

Children under the age of 4 or weighing under 20kg should always use our weighted blanket under supervision.

Anyone using one of our weighted blankets should always be able to remove the blanket without any assistance.

If you suffer from any respiratory problems or sleep apnea, you should not use our weighted blankets.

Those with diabetes should not use our weighted blankets due to weaker circulation. Under no circumstances should people with diabetic foot syndrome use our weighted blankets. Anyone with kidney problems (especially those undergoing dialysis) should talk with their doctor before using our weighted blanket.

If you are unsure whether your health condition may be affected by using a weighted blanket, we'd always recommend checking with your doctor first.

Product Specification

Height (190)

Width (100)

Product code: mp-00008257

Product Uses

Sleeping with a weighted blanket
It's easy. Once you’re in bed or in your chill space, arrange the weighted blanket so that it evenly covers your body lengthways. To increase the weight in any area, fold the blanket in half. You can place the weighted blanket on top or beneath your duvet, or even use it on its own.

Individual Use
Weighted blankets are designed to be used by individuals for even weight distribution. If you share a bed with someone, we'd recommend using separate blankets. Our Standard sizes are designed to be able to fit 2 on the bed.

Does a beloved pet share your bed? At Aeyla, we love a good cuddle too, but please be aware that our fabrics, while high-quality, are not claw or bite-proof.

Protect your blanket
Protect your blanket from direct sources of heat, as heat could damage the glass pellets inside. This product is heavy, so do not leave a child under 3 or pet unattended.

Tips and Advice

You’ll often read that a weighted blanket's weight should sit anywhere between 8-12% of someone's body weight. While this is a useful guide, we’ve discovered it’s ultimately down to personal preference. We recommend 2KG for kids aged between 3-6, 3KG for 7-9-year-olds and 4KG for kids over 10.