Love your Lady Garden

Lady Garden

We are proud to announce our partnership with leading gynaecological cancer charity, The Lady Garden Foundation

Research shows that 30%* of women under the age of 50 do not attend their cervical screening appointments and over 7,500 women die each year of gynaecological cancers. Symptom awareness and early diagnosis are vital to save lives. The aim of the partnership is to encourage conversations and give insights on the five gynaecological cancers, how to spot the signs and symptoms early as well as promoting cervical cancer screening attendance

The Lady Garden Foundation has trained our Superdrug nurses & pharmacists running health clinics in what symptoms to look for, as part of this partnership. The next time a patient attends an in-clinic service appointment, the Superdrug nurse or pharmacist will offer them a discussion on gynaecological cancers where they talk them through the five different gynaecological cancers. Patients will also be offered a symptom tracker, designed to easily note down any signs or symptoms they experience, which they can then show to their GP. 1 in 4 women under 50 who live near our Health Clinics have not attended their cervical screening (smear test). This is where the conversations our Nurses or Pharmacists start could really make a difference.

Lady Garden

Lady Garden believe the more comfortable women can become when it comes to talking about their bodies, the more they will come to understanding them and knowing when something is not right. They believe talking about your gynae health should be no different to talking about your eyes or your elbows!

Partnership ambassador Emily Atack adds
“I am thrilled to be part of the Love Your Lady Garden campaign. This is such an important milestone for The Lady Garden Foundation and for thousands of women around the UK who will now have access to free consultations on their doorstep. I’ve always been very confident and open when it comes to talking about my body, so I want to encourage other women to talk more openly about theirs too, especially their gynae health. There’s still too little awareness around gynae cancers and the Love Your Lady Garden initiative will aim to make our ‘privates’ a little less private and more of a priority."


Can I book a gynaecological cancer awareness consultation?

No. There are no solo gynaecological cancer awareness consultations that can be booked. Patients who book and attend an in-clinic service appointment with a Superdrug nurse or pharmacist will be offered an additional free cancer awareness consultation as part of their appointment.

Can a male patient take home information when visiting a clinic?

Yes this is an inclusive service, and any patient booked into an appointment can ask questions or have a discussion about gynae cancer awareness if they would like to. If male patients have an in clinic appointment and would like to take information home to support the women in their lives we can provide that support.

What is Emily Atack’s involvement in the partnership?

Emily is fronting this ‘Love Your Lady Garden’ campaign to raise awareness about gynae cancers. Emily has always been very confident and open when it comes to talking about her body, so she wants to encourage other women to talk more openly about theirs too, especially their gynae health.

What training have Superdrug nurses and pharmacists had?

Superdrug has worked closely with the clinical team at the The Lady Garden Foundation to develop a thorough training module to enable our nurses and pharmacists to talk to patients about the importance of recognising signs and symptoms of gynaecological cancers. Our team have had an in-depth experience of counselling and talking to patients, therefore this is another area where they can sign post them to further support if needed.

What is the after support for someone who may have signs or symptoms of gynaecological cancers?

We recommend that if anyone has any signs or symptoms, that they consult their GP as soon as possible.

(*Women aged 25-49, PHE England, Cervical Screening by CCG September 2020)