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Sustainable Sourcing

What is it about?

We’ll continue to challenge ourselves to choose ingredients and materials that are relevant to you as well as being kinder choices to the world around us.

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Paper & Pulp

You’ll find paper and pulp in a number of our Own Brand products including tissues, toilet rolls, hygiene pads, sanitary towels, nappies and wet wipes. So, with so many products on our shelves containing this raw material, we have lots of plans in place to ensure materials are sourced sustainably.

All of the paper used in our tissues, paper towel and toilet roll are either FSC or PEFC certified and all of the pulp used in our absorbent hygiene products such as towels and nappies are either FSC or PEFC certified. Plus, we have also committed that all of the paper used in our wet wipes will be either FSC or PEFC certified by 2020.


Used as an ingredient in eyeshadow (to make it glisten and sparkle), Mica is a mineral, gathered primarily in India and China and we’re committed to sourcing mica ethically.

Where we use Mica, we are committed to sourcing Mica ethically. We expect all suppliers of Own Brand products to use minerals sourced from the ‘Members of Responsible Mica Initiative’.

Palm oil

Palm Oil is produced from the fruit of the Oil Palm and has multiple uses. It is commonly found in a large number of household and beauty items.

As a beauty consumer, you may have already heard about the expansion of large-scale palm cultivations and the effects this has on the environment, climate and animal habitats. In order to meet high demand for Palm Oil large areas of forest have been cut down to make way for Palm Oil plantations. Due to the damage and lasting effects of deforestation to animal and human welfare, the use of Palm Oil often comes under strong debate.

Where commercially viable, we will use certified sustainable Palm Oil and Palm Derivatives via any of the certification routes available. We’ll continue to review our position as more raw materials become commercially available and we’ll actively seek to switch products to sustainable sources where possible.

Krill oil

We don’t permit the use of Krill in any of our Own Brand products.

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