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How to wash toddler hair without a breakdown

How to wash toddler hair without a breakdown

If you're one of the many mums who dread washing your little one's hair follow our tips for clean hair without the tears

How to wash toddler hair
• You only need to wash your little one's hair once a week, and the best time to do it is when they're happy, for example, after a meal or nap.

• Gently lift your child into the bath and let them play with their favourite bath toys for a while. When they seem happy and relaxed, wash their body and use a damp flannel to wet their hair, being careful not to drip any water down their face.

• So far so good? Then squirt a tiny amount of mild tear-free baby shampoo into your hand and gently massage it into your toddler's hair. It helps if you explain what you're doing along the way, so they know what to expect.

• Now for the tricky part. Ask your little one to look up or down, and put your hand over their forehead to guide them and shield their eyes from the water as you use a pouring jug to rinse out the shampoo. Some mums give their child a dry flannel to wipe away any drips.

• Scoop up your toddler in a nice warm towel and give them a big cuddle and lots of praise.

If your toddler really hates rinsing time...
Some kids get spooked at the sight of a pouring jug, so you might like to swap it for a pouring toy that you can borrow when it's time to rinse out your toddler's hair. You might have more luck using a showerhead or a flannel to wash away the shampoo. Otherwise, see if they'd prefer trickling water over their own head using a watering can or bucket instead – whatever works!

Hair-washing games
Bring back the fun by playing bath games such as washing dolly's hair, or hold up a mirror and let your toddler have a go at styling their own bubbly hair. Bath puppets might do the trick – and never underestimate the power of a great bath time singsong.

Detangling toddler hair
Once your toddler is dressed and relaxed, sit them on your lap and spray their wet hair with leave-in conditioner to soften it before you use a detangling brush to gently tease out the knots.

By Jennifer Bounsall

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