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Children's Vitamins

Healthy child development all starts with the right building blocks and vitamins and supplements for kids are a good place to start when a child may otherwise be missing out on the vitamins they require through food sources. Read more

The UK department of Health recommends all children from 6 months to 5 years take Vitamins A, C & D in order to support normal vision, immune system and to support normal growth and development of bones in children. However, incorporating all the vitamins and supplements into a child’s diet which they need may feel like an unachievable feat, especially when you’re dealing with fussy eaters - you may feel like they’re missing out on whole vitamin and food groups. With multi vitamins for kids though, these nifty little chewable, dissolvable and yummy gummie vitamins can help children to get their daily vitamin and mineral requirement from just one supplement.

Coming in juicy flavours to make them an easier pill to swallow, as well as soft chewable formats making them easier for kids to digest, incorporating kids’ vitamins into little one’s diets just became a whole lot easier.

For healthy bone development, look for vitamin d for kids. Many of our children’s multivitamins contain this crucial vitamin and it can help with the absorption of calcium. And for a healthy immune system, see if you can spot vitamin c for kids. Again, many of our kids’ vitamins contain a combination of vitamins, making it easier to get these into kids diets.

No matter their age, if their still infants, children or about to enter into their teens, as they’re bodies grow and develop, they require different nutrients. That’s why we not only have kids’ vitamins, but we also have baby vitamin drops, including baby vitamin d drops which are easy for babies to swallow and help with their bone growth, as well as teenage vitamins for both boys and girls as they’re bodies begin to develop and change.

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