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Disposable Face Mask

It is now compulsory across many places in the UK to wear a disposable face mask or a face covering of some sort when travelling on public transport and when in shops to protect you from spreading and transmitting airborne viruses. However, to ensure your mask offers you the best level of protection, you must either wash it on a regular basis or use a single use face mask which is disposable to reduce your risk of infection. To take the hassle out of having to wash your mask after every use, try our range of disposable face masks. Not only can you bin them after each use to save you time, but they can also offer a higher level of protection than your average face coverings as many of them have triple layered 3-ply fabric to offer better filtration and as you can dispose of them after one use, they run a lower risk of you contracting an infection as there’s less chance of any viruses or bacteria remaining on the mask like many reusable ones after washing. Our range of single use medical face masks come in different standards of protection either offering 95% or 98% bacteria filtration, with standard 1 surgical masks offering you the lowest level of protection and standard 2 offering the highest level of protection, but what exactly do the different levels offer?

Type 1 surgical masks, or respiratory masks, are made of fabrics which are designed to filter the air of impurities. These disposable masks offer the lowest amount of protection, however the protection they do offer is sufficient and most suitable for protection from COVID-19.

Type 2 disposable coverings are suitable for higher risk environments protecting you from respiratory viruses and impurities whilst also protecting you from a low level of water particles that could contain infectious diseases. Type 2 masks are the European equivalent of the N95 respirator masks which are used in the US and meet the guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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