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Purple Shampoos And Conditioners

Due to styling and damage, blondes can sometimes lose their brilliance and become dull and yellow. To make blondes bright again use purple shampoos and conditioners that work to boost blondes and eliminate brassiness so you don’t have to worry about yellow hair, and you can have beautiful blondes.

What does purple shampoo do? Purple shampoo and conditioners help to banish brassy tones as the colour purple sits opposite the colour yellow on the colour wheel. This means applying these violet formulas to your hair helps to neutralise the colour by working as a toning shampoo and depositing colour, giving you the luscious locks you’ve always dreamed of. Not only are these purple hair products great for brightening your hair colour, they also work to care for your hair. Blonde hair is normally weaker and more prone to damage compared to darker hair colours and especially so after lightening and bleaching. Use purple conditioners and hair masks to deeply condition and repair your blonde hair and to help hydrate and moisturise it. If you have brown or grey hair however and suffer from brassiness, try looking for blue shampoo or silver shampoo. Working similarly to anti-brassiness purple shampoo and sitting opposite orange tones on the colour wheel, these products will help to eliminate copper tones from brunettes and silver foxes however still work great on blonde hair too.

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