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TOTM Reusable Applicator Set

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Product Information

Comfortable, reusable and designed to save the planet. Our reusable applicator offers a comfortable way to insert tampons without the waste. Made from medical grade materials, it’s reusable and designed to last. See it as the period essential that will be with you for this period and many periods to come. Included in the reusable tampon applicator kit are 3 x TOTM regular non-app tampons and 3 x TOTM super non-app tampons.


Our reusable applicator offers smooth tampon insertion without contributing to the single-use plastic waste issue. The applicator is made with medical grade materials making it safe and hygienic to reuse on your period. It also features an antimicrobial finish to help keep it clean. Not made with BPA or phthalates. To make it easier to use, the applicator has a simple and functional design. It also comes with a carry case to keep it safe when you’re out and about or when you’re between menstrual cycles. Use with our organic cotton non-applicator tampons for a less waste, comfortable period. Included in the reusable tampon applicator kit are 3 x TOTM regular non-app tampons and 3 x TOTM super non-app tampons. Reusable tampon applicator: •Medical grade materials •Antimicrobial finish Carry case: •Medical grade materials Organic cotton tampons: •Organic cotton core and woven organic cotton veil •Organic cotton string •Paper wrapper


TOTM’s reusable applicator kit includes everything you need for a sustainable period. The zero-waste reusable applicator also comes with a reusable carry case for convenient use on-the-go, plus a selection of TOTM organic cotton tampons
TOTM tampons are made with organic cotton without the use of rayon, fragrance, dyes and chlorine bleach. Ranging from light to super absorbency, tampons feature a patented cotton lock, double organic cotton veil. This has been expertly designed to prevent fibre-shedding for increased comfort.

Warning or Restrictions

Please read the instructions leaflet before using the reusable applicator for guidance on how to use and care for this product. The kit includes organic cotton tampons which carry the TSS warning.

Product Specification

Medical Grade materials, organic cotton tampons, paper wrappers

Height (12.5)

Width (6.3)

Depth (6.3)

Product code: 792672

Product Uses

How to use the TOTM reusable tampon applicator: •Start by washing your hands. •Remove the applicator from its case. •Load a non-applicator tampon into the open section of the tube with the string freely hanging. •Using the pusher at the base of the applicator, slowly slide the tampon up and stop when you can see the tip of the tampon. By doing this, you will secure the tampon into position ready for insertion. •When you’re ready to insert the tampon, adopt a comfortable position and place the loaded applicator at the opening of your vagina. •Insert the applicator into your vagina then use the pusher to release the tampon so it is fully inserted. The tampon should feel comfortable when placed properly. •Remove the applicator then wash your hands and wash the applicator in warm water. •Put the applicator back it the carry case to keep it safe ready for when you need to change tampons. For further instructions and advice, please see leaflet enclosed.


The reusable applicator is reusable and recyclable. All product packaging is recyclable.

Tips and Advice

The reusable applicator has been designed to work with TOTM organic cotton tampons.