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Get in sync with your cycle with the use of tampons. A tampon is a feminine care product which is used to absorb your monthly period flow by being inserted into the vaginal opening where it comfortably expands to your body’s natural shape to ensure maximum absorbency and reduced leaking. Use as either applicator tampons, including a carboard or plastic applicator, or as a non-applicator which you simply insert using your finger.

How to insert a tampon?
To use your tampon, remove any outer packaging, and placing the rounded end in the vaginal opening at a 45 degree angle, push the tampon in as far as you can where it will be held by the vaginal canal walls. This will leave the string exposed which you will use later for removal. Ensure you have pushed the tampon in as far as you can, as a tampon that has not been inserted enough may cause some discomfort. An applicator tampon can help with this as it can help you to ensure your tampon is inserted sufficiently. Applicator tampons are used exactly the same as regular tampons except you use an applicator to insert the tampon instead of your finger.

No matter what type of tampon you chose to use, it is important to always use the right absorbency for your flow. Choose from different absorbencies from light, regular, to heavy, which you may find are more suitable for you at different points of your menstruation.

For absorbency you can trust, try grabbing a pack of Tampax Pearl or our own Superdrug Tampons. If tampons aren’t for you though, check out our sanitary pads.

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