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Nair Sugar Oriental Wax 350ml

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Nair Sugar Oriental Wax 350ml
Nair Sugar Oriental Wax 350ml
Sugar wax enriched with precious natural Rose Extract for Legs & Body, suitable for all skin types including Dry & Sensitive.

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Product Information

Sugar wax enriched with precious natural Rose Extract for Legs & Body, suitable for all skin types including Dry & Sensitive.


Make waxing enjoyable with the NAIR 100% Naturally Derived Sugar Wax. The honey-like caramel texture is easy to apply, it coats hairs as short as 2 mm, removing them with their root providing a long lasting result that lasts up to 4 weeks. Formulated with no colourants or fragrance, it is made up of just 5 ingredients, all naturally derived.
Just 5 ingredients!


Its honey-like caramel texture is easy to apply in a fine layer and is removed with non-woven strips.
It coats hairs as short as 2 mm, removing them with their root for a result that lasts up to 4 weeks.
Your skin is perfectly soft and clear.
Easy and quick to heat in the microwave or a water bath, its 350ml jar is enough for 3 full waxes of the lower legs, bikini line and underarms.
The wax is water-rinseable and biodegradable.
The re-usable strips can be rinsed with water. Vegan Friendly.

Warning or Restrictions

Precautions for use
Any overheating of the wax may cause serious burns.
IMPORTANT: Always remove the lid and the protective film before heating the wax.
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Store in its pack.
KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Not recommended for use by teenagers without the supervision of an adult.
Only apply to healthy skin. Do not apply the wax to the face, wounds, cuts, eczema, spots, beauty spots and moles, slack, chapped, sunburnt or irritated skin, varicose veins, warts, mucous membranes, the nose, ears, nipples, peri-anal and genital areas or the eyelashes. It should not be applied to skin that has previously reacted to the application of hair removal wax.
Not suitable for diabetics, the elderly or those suffering from circulatory problems.
Avoid contact with the eyes. In the event of contact, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water and immediately consult a specialist.

  • Do not swallow. If ingested, consult a doctor and show them the entire product.
  • Ask your doctor for advice before waxing if you are currently following a treatment that may affect your skin or if you suffer from skin disorders.
  • Before use, test your skin's reaction by applying the wax to part of the area to be epilated, following the instructions leaflet. If the skin appears normal after 24 hours, proceed with the epilation.
  • It is not recommended that you apply wax more than three times to the same area during a single waxing session.
  • After waxing, it is recommended that you wait 24 hours before using anti-perspirant, fragrance or any scented product, any artificial tanning equipment, going swimming or sun exposure.
  • Do not wax within an hour after a shower or bath, as skin will still be too warm or moist.
  • Product Specification

    Sugars: such as glucose and sucrose, derived from beetroot and corn, provide the ideal caramel texture for effective waxing.
    Glycerine: derived from plant oils, allows the wax to glide on easily on application and provides good skin hydration after waxing. A touch of Citric acid: derived from the fermentation of sugars, to obtain the ideal texture.
    An extract of Rosa Damascena, a precious rose, for a sensorial note.
    And Water!

    Height (10) Width (10.7) Depth (10.7)

    Product code: 774850

    Product Uses

    Successful waxing in 4 simple steps!
    Preparation and heating:
    1. For an ideal result and to prevent the risk of burning, it is essential to read the enclosed leaflet and correctly follow the heating method and time.
    2. Once the ideal runny honey texture is obtained, take a dab of wax with the tip of the spatula and test on the inside of the wrist to check the temperature before hair removal.
    3. Apply a dab of wax at the top of the area for hair removal and quickly create a thin and even strip of wax using the flat side of the spatula, in the direction of hair growth.
    4. Quickly place the non-woven strip over the layer of wax and smooth down firmly. Stretch the skin with one hand and, with the other, remove the strip quickly, in the opposite direction of hair growth and as close as possible to the skin.