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Pure Active Blackhead Removal Facial Cleansing Brush 150ml

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Pure Active Blackhead Removal Facial Cleansing Brush 150ml
Pure Active Blackhead Removal Facial Cleansing Brush 150ml
Pure Active Blackhead Removal Facial Cleansing Brush 150ml
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Product Information

Garnier Pure Exfo-Brusher Wash Oil Control revolutionises your daily cleansing routine. Designed to meet the needs of oily skin with imperfections, it removes excess sebum, clears blackheads and helps protect against their reappearance for 2 weeks*.


Daily purifying
Double-action - anti-shine, anti-blackheads
Soft bristles + cleansing ridges
Oil control
Tested on imperfection - prone skin


- Intensive deep cleansing helps remove dead skin cells and fade marks.

- Works to unclog impurities from pores and visibly reduces surface sebum levels.

It's secret? A professionally-inspired application is combined with a formula enriched with naturally derived ingredients. - 2% purifying salicylic acid, a maximum concentration of an extremely effective anti-bacterial ingredient**, selected to help clear pores and protect against spots even before they appear. - HerbaSoothe is a natural active derived from Blueberry, selected for its caring and soothing properties.

Our Garnier Skin Naturals philosophy: - We use, whenever possible, naturally derived active ingredients, which have been carefully extracted to preserve their quality and purity. - Formulated and dermatologically tested to ensure effectiveness and respect for your skin.

What makes it different? The flexible micro-bristles deliver intensive cleansing with an ultra-soft touch for optimised effectiveness in removing impurities and dead skin cells from your skin's surface:

  1. Helps clear blackheads and visibly reduces shine.
  2. Professionally-inspired application combining exfoliating bristles and a concentrated formula enriched with HerbaSoothe.
  3. It helps fade marks left by imperfections.

Innovation. 180 Ultra-Soft Flexi-bristles. Fights Spots, Fades Marks.Boosted Effectiveness.

Product Specification

Height (17.5)

Width (6.2)

Depth (4.1)

Product code: 201937

Product Uses

How do I use it?
Both anti-shine and anti-blackheads, Pure Exfo-Brusher Wash Oil Control combines soft cleansing ridges and exfoliating bristles with purifying gel to provide an effective daily cleanse.
1. Wet face.
2. To open, turn the brusher's head 180 degrees.
3. Wet the brush and hold it upside down. Squeeze the bottle until the product comes out.
4. Turn the brusher's head 180 degrees to the closed position.
5. Apply on wet face in circular motions with the exfoliating bristles to target blackheads. Focus on areas which are difficult to clean.
6. Make sideways and vertical motions with the cleansing ridges to efficiently remove excess sebum.
7. Rinse your face thoroughly and clean the brusher under the tap. For optimum usage, close the brusher after each use.