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If you're experiencing indigestion symptoms such as acid reflux and heartburn, you don't need to wait for it to simply pass you by. Instead, take a peek at our selection of remedies, including milk of magnesia, heartburn medicine liquids and indigestion tablets which will help to calm your stomach acid and feelings of discomfort.

Heartburn is the sensation of burning in your chest and throat as a result of acid travelling up past your stomach into your throat and oesophagus (acid reflux). Heartburn can be the result of an excess in stomach acid, which can be caused by the types of food you eat, too much food or it can also be stress related or as a result of your stomach valve not shutting properly. You can control how much you eat and what types of food you eat to ease this, however to relieve symptoms and that uncomfortable burning feeling, try using heartburn relief.

To relieve heartburn, you need indigestion relief which counteracts excess stomach acid and calms the burning feeling which can often be present with this. For fast relief, choose from heartburn tablets or liquid which contains antacids and aniseed which help to neutralise acid in the stomach as well as helping to cool and soothe the burn to reduce inflammation.

Heartburn relief can also be used as an acid reflux treatment as this is also caused by an excess of stomach acid and burning in your stomach, chest and throat.

Acid reflux is when stomach acid rises up past your stomach into your oesophagus, which can bring with it symptoms of heart burn, like chest pain and a burning sensation in the chest and throat.

Acid reflux is most commonly caused by excess stomach acid through diet and food choices, as well as how much you eat, amongst other factors too, however these are the external variables you are able to control.

To manage symptoms of acid reflux and to treat it you can make a few lifestyle changes like controlling the types of food you eat which may cause the body to produce excess acid. Controlling how much you eat can help to manage symptoms too. If you have implemented these actions but still find you are suffering from acid reflux symptoms, another method of acid reflux treatment is acid reflux tablets.

Acid reflux tablets are similar to heartburn tablets as they work to neutralise stomach acid. The way in which the do this is by counteracting acid with alkalines which are contained within antacids. Alkalines and antacids are on the opposite end of the pH scale to acids, so using these balances out the acidity levels of your stomach. They also contain ingredients such as aniseed which works as an anti-inflammatory to help cool the burn and soothe your stomach and throat.

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