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Poor gut health can leave you feeling bloated, uncomfortable, bunged up, or even the opposite with diarrhoea. If you’re looking for diarrhoea treatment or you suffer from other stomach or bowel issues such as indigestion or IBS we have a range of remedies which will relieve your symptoms and help you feel more like you again.

Poor gut health can leave you feeling bloated, uncomfortable, bunged up, or even the opposite with diarrhoea. If you’re looking for diarrhoea treatment or you suffer from other stomach or bowel issues such as indigestion or IBS we have a range of remedies which will relieve your symptoms and help you feel more like you again. More >

Jungle Formula

E-cigarettes work by releasing vapour containing nicotine to help reduce your cravings. Vaping works by heating a liquid into an aerosol that the user inhales and exhales. The e-cigarette liquid typically contains nicotine and flavourings, so you can choose a flavour that tickles your taste buds as well as whatever nicotine strength suits you for a personalised experience depending on how many cigarettes you typically smoke a day.

E-cigs are also convenient portable devices which you can use on the go and are suitably pocket and handbag sized, so you can take a puff whenever or wherever your cravings strike. Using an e-cigarette can help you manage your nicotine cravings. To get the best out of it, make sure you're using it as much as you need to and with the right strength of nicotine in your e-liquid.
The e-liquid and vapour released from electronic cigarettes contains lower levels of harmful chemicals and compounds which are released from typical cigarettes. They also do not produce tar or carbon monoxide, two of the most harmful elements in tobacco smoke.

*Not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. E-cigarettes are intended only as an alternative to other tobacco products and should not be used as an aid to smoking cessation.

Ready for some new vibrations in the bedroom? Finding the right adult sex toy for both you and your partner that will hit the spot can be a daunting challenge and not something you can exactly try before you buy!

No matter your vibe though, whether you’re looking for a discreet vibrator for women like a bullet vibrator which is a small vibrator which you can carry about with you discreetly, even in your handbag, or your looking for a buzzing treat for 2, like a cock ring (also known as a pleasure ring), which will provide stimulation and pleasure for both parties; whatever tickles your fancy, we’ve got you covered.

And the buzzing doesn’t stop there, as not only do all our adult toys offer good vibes and orgasmic fun, you can find vibrators in all shapes and sizes to ensure they really hit the G-spot so you can get happy whenever. Say yes to our lust-worthy collection of sex toys to create a rumble in your sex life. Choose from pleasure beads, love eggs, love rings and mini vibrators, all coming in unique shapes, designed to give the body optimum pleasure, in a range of cool colours, as well as being made from safe materials such as silicon for fun, safe adult play.

Scentsitive Scents: The Skin-Friendly Range from Vagisil

Get great hair day confidence in-between washes with Batiste, the UK’s No.1 Dry Shampoo*! Whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you go, we have your back with our unique breakthrough formula. Batiste helps you space out your wet wash, keep your hair looking and smelling amazing, adds volume & texture and saves time giving dull, lifeless hair the mid-wash makeover that it deserves. Give your hair a new lease of life with Batiste. Live Life. Bold and Beautiful, everyday!

Searching for the ultimate Mother’s Day gifts to really show mum how much she means to you? But what does Mother’s Day really mean to you? Does it mean celebrating your auntie who supports you in everything you do? Is it your best friends mum who you talk freely to about anything? Or is it your dad, because he has enough love to fill the space of two parents in one?

We’ve got perfume & aftershave, makeup, pampering treatments, skincare saviours and a fabulous new jewellery range. Whatever Mothering Sunday means to you, here at Superdrug we believe in celebrating every mum, no matter who that may be. Bring some joy this year with our range of perfect Mother's Day presents.
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Looking for a new hair colour? Whether you’re wanting to go bold with red or lighten things up with blonde we have a wide selection of hair dye for you.

We advise, and it is stated on the product instructions, everyone should perform a strand test before dyeing their hair, even if they have used the product before, as that ensures they will achieve the right result. Not sure you want to commit long term? See our range of semi-permanent hair dye too.

"Doing Good Feels Super" is all about celebrating the social environmental and cultural milestones, we as a brand, and our suppliers, have achieved. Have a browse through our top products to shop in a more environmentally friendly way through less plastic, using more refillable items & even donate to charity as you shop! Read More

Reduced Packaging

When it comes to the packaging used in our products, we are actively looking to be more responsible both with our Own Brand products and with our suppliers. Take a look at some of our top products using recycled or low plastic packaging options below. Superdrug also uses 100% recycled cardboard in tertiary packaging for online deliveries!​ Read more

Reduced Packaging

Refillable and reusable products are a great option when it comes to shopping sustainably. We have a range of refillable bottles with larger, refill products for you to use. Have a look through our current range below and see if you can make more sustainable shopping choices. Read more

Reduced Packaging

Where possible, we are swapping to biodegradable options for products. We have a range of products specifically formulated to be biodegradable below. Have a look and see if you can complete a more sustainable shop today! Read more

Sustainably Sourced

We continue to challenge ourselves to choose ingredients and materials that are relevant to you as well as being kinder choices to the world around us. All of the paper used in our tissues, paper towel and toilet roll are either FSC or PEFC certified. Some examples of ranges where we use Sustainable Palm derivatives , are our Vitamin E range, one of our much-loved heritage ranges, 100% of the products use RSPO sourced palm oil. And for B., our biggest own brand, 91% of the products use RSPO sourced palm oil too. Read more

Chickenpox is a highly contagious infection which causes a red spotty itchy rash. Early symptoms include muscle aches, high temperature (fever) and loss of appetite. Symptoms usually last 1-2 weeks and are more severe in adults than in children. To relieve symptoms, it is advised to use cooling lotions and gels such as Virasoothe and to take paracetamol to help with pain and discomfort.

Get Summer ready with our curated selection of health must-haves! From Allergy to Sexual Health this is your one-stop shop to keep you feeling your best.

Skip the doctor's surgery and get your treatment delivered to your door for FREE! Visit Superdrug Online Doctor today.

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We have a range of products that currently donate to various charity partners.

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