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Orly Nouveu Riche 18ml

£12.99 each £72.17 per 100ml

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Green and gold glitter
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Product Information

Green and gold glitter


We’ve entered the new-age roaring ‘20s and we’re taking inspiration from Gatsby-Esque indulgence, obsessive opulence, and the infinite allure
of new beginnings brought to life by the new year. Sensational scenes of champagne toasts, charming party hosts, and celebrations under the
moonlight inspired this collection full of sparkling metallics, glittering jewel-tones, and rich creme polishes designed to dazzle and entice as you
dance your way into a glamorous Metropolis.


The 1 step nail polish system is permeable, meaning there is a constant balance of hydration getting to the nail plate and back out again, making for a longer-lasting, healthier manicure. 

Warning or Restrictions

Avoid eye contact. Avoid repeated or prolonged skin contact. Avoid breathing mist or vapors. Use only in well ventilated area. Unvented containers may develop pressure. Open container with caution.

Product Specification

Height (2)

Width (2)

Depth (2)

Product code: 802127

Product Uses

Simply apply 2 coats of the ORLY Nail Polish to create an opaque look. 



Tips and Advice

Simply apply 2 coats of the ORLY Nail Polish to create an opaque look.