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Light Coverage Foundation

Do you want a light foundation that offers a little bit of coverage to mask any imperfections and to get give you a more even skin tone without feeling heavy and cakey? Look no further than our selection of the best light coverage foundations. Offering a light weight formula that allows your skin to breathe, our light cover foundations do not scrimp on colour, and these high pigmented formulas offer you great colour without the thickness, which you can choose to build and blend to your hearts content for a more natural finish. Choose from a range of liquid to cream foundations which seamlessly cover blemishes and imperfections for a natural, barley there look which last all day, contrary to belief, as light coverage does not mean less coverage throughout the day.

For a light coverage look with added skincare benefits try a tinted moisturiser or a bb cream which will help to moisturise and protect your skin as well as offer a splash of colour and camouflage. Choose a light covering foundation for dry to normal skin types.

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