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Smokey Eyeshadow

A smokey eye look is a staple eyeshadow technique that should be on anyone’s go to going out eye makeup list, and which everyone should learn how to master. To help you create this sizzling look, we have brought to you our collection of smokey eye palettes, which contain all the colours you’ll need in varying gradients and hues so you can build your smouldering smokey look to be as dark and daring as you like, as well as our step-by-step smokey eye tutorial below.

How to: To create the ultimate smokey eye, apply your lightest transition shade all over the lid as a base for you to work upon, which you will build and blend to form a perfectly fused fiery look. When you’re creating smokey eyes you ALWAYS work from light to dark! Next step is to continue building up from your base shade with your warmer medium smokey eyeshadow shades, continuing to slowly building up from the lighter shadow, blending this shade onto your lower lid and working up to the socket, really focusing on blending the eyeshadow so the 2 shades seamlessly mix together. After completing this step, you will continue to work up you colour shade gradients to the next darkest shade, again blending this into the previous shade for a flawless finish without any harsh lines, but applying each colour just slightly lower than the previous shade, working to create a gradual change in colour until you are happy with the colour intensity. Once you have worked from the bottom up, it’s time to apply your final shade to complete your dramatic smokey eye makeup. Apply your browns, greys, black, purples and golds, whatever tone you’re going for, onto the centre of your lid, and slowly disperse this out, blending it into your other shades for perfectly blended smokiness. Finish off your look with eyeliner and lashings of mascara. You can also choose to blend some eyeshadow into your lower lash line, building up the shades as you did on your upper lid.

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