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Active Woman Define Dietary Supplement-60 Capsules

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Active Woman® Define
for effective weight management
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Product Information

Active Woman® Define
for effective weight management

Warning or Restrictions

Contains a source of caffeine.

Product Specification

Konjac glucomannan, HPMC (Capsule), Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, Chromium Chloride.

Height (10)

Width (5)

Depth (5)

Product code: 809975

Product Uses

Active Woman® Define is a blend of research-supported weight loss ingredients that boost your metabolism and curb your junk food cravings, so you don’t ruin your diet.

Controlling your weight doesn’t need to be complicated. Define combines three highly effective ingredients to give your weight loss goals the boost they need. With 500mg green tea extract and 100mg caffeine, your metabolism gets a mighty kick to speed up your fat burning potential. We’ve also added konjac mannan (glucomannan), which is a dietary fibre that swells in your stomach to give you the feeling of being full, and so you have fewer hunger pangs throughout the day. Lastly, there’s chromium, which is known to curb cravings and keep your sweet tooth under control.

So, whether you want to lose weight for your sport or your dream is getting beach-ready with Active Woman®, you’ll find the journey easy.


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