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Bio-Synergy Green Tea & Green Coffee Supplement-90 Capsules

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Bio-Synergy Green Tea
High strength vegan green tea capsules
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Product Information

Bio-Synergy Green Tea
High strength vegan green tea capsules

Product Specification

Green Tea, HMPC (capusle shell)

Height (10)

Width (5)

Depth (5)

Product code: 809998

Product Uses

Inject the powerful benefits of millennia old Oriental medicine into your daily life with Bio Synergy Green Tea Slimming Capsules. Bio Synergy's Green Tea Capsules aid in digestion, boost your metabolism, provide a shot of energy and even help you sleep better. Studies have shown that taking Green Tea after a meal helps you process fats more efficiently and avoid developing long term fat deposits. It also gives you the benefit of a dose of caffeine, which has also been proven to cut down on sugar cravings and help develop a faster metabolism. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of Bio Synergy Green Tea Capsules in their daily life to slim down, lose weight and start enjoying a healthier life.

Over the last few decades Green Tea has been subjected to many scientific and medical studies to determine the extent of its health benefits, with some evidence suggesting that regular Green Tea drinkers may lead healthier lives and live longer. Although Green Tea does not raise the metabolic rate long enough to produce immediate weight loss, Green Tea extracts containing polyphenols and caffeine have been shown to induce thermogenesis and stimulate fat oxidation, significantly boosting the metabolic rate without increasing the heart rate. Made using powerful extracts of Green Tea.

Green Tea aids digestion and improves intestinal health. Boost metabolism with a herbal formula. Promotes all natural and effective weight loss. Bring millennium old health choices into your daily life.


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