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Nasal Strips

As we sleep, and our bodies relax, muscles that would normally be engaged loosen. In regard to our airways, this can cause air passages to become narrower and constricted which can lead to body parts vibrating as air passes through which can lead to snoring. This is also why it is more common to snore when you have a cold as when you are congested, your airways are narrower or blocked which can cause vibrations and rattling as air passes through your body.

There are many different ways in which you can prevent snoring; some being natural and others environmental. A natural method to stop snoring is nasal strips or snoring strips. Nasal strips work by bending to adhere to the flare of your nose. However, as the strip sticks to your nose, it attempts to straighten to its normal form, pulling out your nostrils, and widening your airways to allow air to pass through easier. You can use nasal strips on a regular basis to prevent snoring or if you feel congested to aid breathing.

Find snoring strips in a variety of sizes as well as in clear strips for discreet snoring relief.

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