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HayMax Pure Organic Natural Barrier Balm

£8.49 each £169.80 per 100ml

15 Reviews
Hay Fever? Dust or Pet Allergies? 80% said HayMax™ organic drug-free balms worked in independent study by Allergy UK. OK...
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Product Information

Hay Fever? Dust or Pet Allergies? 80% said HayMax™ organic drug-free balms worked in independent study by Allergy UK. OK for Kids, pregnant women, drivers etc.. Traps the allergen before it gets in!


Hay Fever? Dust or Pet Allergies? These balms have won over 40 awards. They have been studied by the UK’s authority on airborne particles (NPARU) and proven to trap over 1/3 of pollen as well as dust and pet allergens. And they also proved HayMax traps all types of pollen – grass, tree, weeds and the rest. The UK’s leading charity for allergy sufferers, Allergy UK, conducted independent surveys and 80% said HayMax worked! HayMax is suitable for Kids, pregnant and breast-feeding women, drivers and cynics. When applied invisibly to the bottom rim of the nostrils and around (but not in) the eyes, the balm traps the allergen before it gets in. And it gets to work immediately – in the studies some people found it worked immediately, and others said it took a few minutes or more to make a difference. Certified organic, Vegetarian Society approved with 100% natural ingredients, HayMax™ balms have been featured by GP’s on TV, radio and in the press, for more than 15 years. HayMax™ is also highly recommended by favourite TV doctor, Dr Chris Steele. Because it is drug-free, you can also use it alongside your antihistamine and steroid nasal spray, although many customers have said they can stop using the others once they try HayMax™. It was invented by Max, who was sick of trying all the other drugs and remedies that didn’t work for him. Try and see if you’re one of the 80% who said it worked.


Hay Fever? Dust or Pet Allergies? HayMax is Organic, Drug-free, Multi Award Winning and recommended by professionals. It has been shown to do what it says on the box in studies, surveys and lots of reviews and testimonials. It works by trapping pollen, dust and pet allergens before they get in the body. Your body reacts when the amount of allergen in it goes over its sensitivity point or trigger level. Then it triggers all the nasty reactions – runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, itchy roof of the mouth and all the other horrible allergy reactions. As long as HayMax traps enough allergen to keep you below that trigger point, the symptoms won't be triggered. That’s why people often say it’s a miracle or a lifesaver. And even if it doesn't get you below your trigger point, it will reduce the allergen load on your body so other remedies you take can work better. If one remedy doesn’t work on its own, try two or more together. You can take an anti-histamine and a steroid nasal spray together with HayMax™ and other natural remedies. But don’t mix other drugs together without talking to a pharmacist or GP.

Warning or Restrictions

You should always consult a doctor about a medical condition. Do not use Haymax internally. Do not swallow.

Product Specification

helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, cera flava (beeswax), tocopherol (vitamin e) All ingredients organically produced except tocopherol which is naturally produced

Height (8.3)

Width (3.6)

Depth (3.6)

Product code: 403091

Product Uses

Rub a small amount around the rim of both nostrils and the bones of the eyes, but not too close or in the eye. Re-apply regularly and after blowing your nose. This helps trap pollen, dust and pet allergens before they get in. One pot can last a full hay fever season.


box is card which can be recycled. Pot lid is made from PP which can also be widely recycled. Main pot can't yet be recycled but we're working a new material made from grass which will be compostible and recyclable.

Tips and Advice

Many people find that one hay fever product doesn't work well on its own. You can use an anti-histamine, a steroid nasal spray and a drug free product together. Make up your own hay fever fisrt aid kit with a pot of HayMax, and anti-histamine and a steroid nasal spray, with a handkercief or tissues. You can add other drug-free products to your kit, too.