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Zerreau Towel Off Apple Shampoo 180ml

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Zerreau Towel Off Apple Shampoo 180ml
Zerreau Towel Off Apple Shampoo 180ml
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Product Information

Zerreau is a brand new concept in hair washing, allowing you to wash your hair properly but with absolutely no water required. It really cleans effectively, even removing product such as hairspray, wax or gels. Leaving you with soft clean lushious locks! Zerreau is NOT a leave in product and its NOT a dry shampoo either!


Soft clean hair anywhere, on the bus, in a tent, at the office
No water required, removes dirt, odours & product - effectively
Delightful delicate aroma - Apple fragrance
Kind and gentle, designed for long term use(no alcohol or parabens)
Proven demand (established market for our medical brand)
Easy to use (foaming, no drips or mess)
Quality product that’s safe to use (UK manufactured, complies with European Cosmetics Directive). Cruelty Free Dry Shampoo
Vegan friendly, not tested on animals
Paraben free
Alcohol free
Triclosan free


Wash your hair effectively without water. Ideal Ideal for busy lifestyles, meetings, impromptu dates, gyms, and festivals and camping so you can wake up a bit later and look glamorous and clean before you have even left your tent, feeling sorry for those who got up at 7am and are still queueing for the showers, which are dirty by the time you use them!

Warning or Restrictions

Avoid eye contact, rinse with water if contact occurs. For sensitive skin, test before use and discontinue if irritation occurs.

Product Specification

Aqua, Triethanolainelauryl suplphate, propylene glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Alkene glycol, Parfum

Height (2)

Width (2)

Depth (2)

Product code: 310519

Product Uses

For thick or long hair complete process in sections. Zerreau works by applying a wet foam directly to the roots, massaging to release dirt, grease and any product into the foam, then removing whilst still wet and soapy - by thoroughly towel drying!


All packing recyclable. Please check with your local authority for local recycling.