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Face Wash for Oily Skin

It’s important to clean your skin right no matter what skin type you have – although this is especially so for oily skin types, as with oily skin brings blemishes, meaning it’s important your skin is super clean once you’ve finished cleansing it. It’s easy to assume you’ll need a harsh cleanser which breaks through grime, dirt and bacteria to clear away blemishes and oil, however it’s been said, oily skin is actually the product of too little oil and so your skin is counteracting this by producing too much, resulting in shine and spots. So, what have we learnt?

Don’t use harsh cleansers that will strip skins natural oils! Instead use a cleanser that will exfoliate and lift dirt.
When looking for a cleanser for oily skin you want a face wash which will gently balance your skin and minimise enlarged pores to reveal clearer, mattified skin. To achieve this, look for a face wash for oily skin which is purifying and gets rid of excess oil. Look for cleansers containing clay and charcoal as these are like magnets to the greasy stuff leaving you with satin soft skin, without the shine. Also keep an eye out for products containing salicylic acid as although not all greasy skin types suffer with spots and acne, the 2 often go hand in hand and so this clear skin acid helps to fight spots leaving you with clear, clean skin.

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