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What is it about?

At Superdrug we offer our employees the chance to maximise their potential by taking part in our successful mentoring programme.

This initiative gives junior members of the team additional support towards achieving their goals by partnering them up with a more senior member of the team; otherwise known as the mentee and mentor! As an experienced member of the business, the mentor will be able to share invaluable knowledge to their mentee in order for them to further develop their skills.

The mentee can also use this opportunity to discuss work or career related topics and bring up any challenges they may have faced with in a confidential and supportive environment. We have found this process helps facilitate the development of our teams by providing a platform for our employees to share their values, perspectives, experiences and feedback.

Mentoring at Superdrug is not just for those at the start of their careers. We also offer ‘reverse mentoring’. This turns the traditional approach of mentoring on its head by partnering a senior executive within the business with a less experienced colleague - where the senior becomes the mentee! This gives the senior staff member an opportunity to learn about the latest business updates, technologies and workplace trends from their new mentor. The junior employee will also get to witness first-hand the bigger picture of the business and a glimpse into macro-level management.

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