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Energy Management

Energy Management

Our Target

Our target is to reduce our overall energy consumption, including stores, by 50% by 2021 (against a 2010 benchmark).

Our Position:

Since 2010, Superdrug have reduced energy total energy consumption across stores, offices and distribution centres by 39% with an overall reduction in store energy of 42%.

In 2009, Superdrug made the decision to invest in smart meters in stores. The installation of smart meters meant that we were able to receive accurate data and identify and target stores where energy was being used unnecessarily.

Energy efficiency is a core part of our new store design and since 2017, Superdrug have moved to LED lighting in new stores and controls designed to maximise the efficiency of our stores.

Superdrug partnered with Bryt Energy

Energy reduction is the best way to reduce emissions but, because we need to use energy to trade, we need to minimise the emissions associated with the energy we use. From April 2019, Superdrug have partnered with Bryt Energy to supply 100% certified renewable electricity generated from Solar, Wind and Hyrdo electric power. Bryt Energy will supply electricity to 95% of Superdrug stores with only Irish stores and stores where we are billed by our landlords being excluded. The use of renewable electricity will reduce our total electricity related emissions by 18,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Superdrug partnered with Bryt Energy
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